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Crystal Gabriele

Ever since I can remember, I have loved cooking.  Something about how food brings people together and makes people happy.  For the longest time I had always wanted to pursue a a career in food, but never really knew where or how to start.  Then Covid hit.

Suddenly I had more time to devote towards my passion project: food.  So I created KitchIndex – a collection of every recipe and cooking hack I have ever come up with.

I wanted the site to be a reflection of what I usually looked for on the internet when searching for recipes: a no-nonsense guide to making something delicious.  And that’s exactly what you’ll find here – no elaborate preambles, no bombardment of erroneous details.  Just ingredients and recipes.  No excessive scrolling.

Good stuff. No fluff.

So sit back and stay awhile.  Hopefully you learn something new and can walk away with a new recipe that becomes a family favourite.

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